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Nagoya show fanreports (21/12, 22/12)

Firstly, Yamapi performed Mola in the second show of today's concert :D The dance is said to resemble that of lovexxx and there's FIRE too :D 

If anyone is interested, I've compiled the fanreports (and is still in the process of updating as new reports come in) for the Nagoya concert shows yesterday and today in my journal :) 
- Find out what everyone got for the gift exchange in yesterday's NEWS christmas party!!! :D There's a...18kg gift?
- Hilarious games played by NEWS involving.. HOLDING hands and lying in someone's lap :D 
- Many many member interactions during performances! 

Report last updated Tuesday 3pm Japan Time :) Most of the updates should be done already :D Go read!! 
( Here for the Nagoya Reports )

Here if you missed the Hiroshima Reports )

( Here if you missed the reports for the Oita shows )
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