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Code Blue SP prediction

Hello everyone!^^

Okie i was watching few random episodes from Code Blue then suddenly got into Code Blue mood, and started to do random searches about it and i got few clues about the movie!
It is prediction after all! though for those who wants everything to be secret till the movie will be shown, then i don't recommend you to view this >.>'

Okeeii so i shall start, with the trailers and the translations that imm0rtal_piglet and i did, from the videos that watchful21 posted, i made little predictions about the mysterious arm under the train..

so the arm;

(phone has nothing to do with it but anyway XD)

in the first episode of code blue,(well you can see from other episodes too though i started with episode one >.>') Kuroda sensei's phone and arms took my attention even though all phones looked kinda alike >.>'I couldn't screencap it neatly but if you watch the surgery part at the beginning, then you will see how thin is his arm, and can actually compare it with aizawa sensei's and the other ones too... aizawa sensei has muscular arm and others' skins are quite fair when compared to the arm under the train..;

you see? he has thin arm? and dark skin color..

oww aizawa'smexy arm! okei his arm is very muscular when compared to that arm under train..

viewed the pictures? specially the one that you can see kuroda sensei's arm??

So if you did, you kinda get it now right?
After that i checked the other pictures that watchful21 posted HERE..;

Look carefully to this picture, can you see Kuroda sensei's arm?? Look carefully you will see that there is no arm there! It is amputated!
So now if we turn back to first picture and compare... there is high possibility that the person under train is Kuroda sensei!

Also if you check the second long trailer of code blue, again posted by watchful21 there mitsui sensei says "since kuroda sensei is gone you have to grow more quicly".. (translated by imm0rtal_piglet...HERE!")

then when i checked the translation i made, there is a sentence like.. sorrowful farewell or farewell to future.." HERE! so it is kinda sorrwful farewell to the future.. because kuroda sensei can't be doctor anymore, since his arm is amputated.. so no kuroda anymore.. so other fellows should grow more quickly..

yeah.. im done!
so what do you guys think??^^

psss: okei so some fans said that kuroda's arm was already amputated in the drama(thanks for letting me know >.>blush-) because i didn't finish watching code blue yet i didn't know that, but later i learned that it was re-attached! soo.. actually my prediction still can be true XD since he does not have his arm anymore and the arm is so like his!


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