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i dunno if this was posted already and also from what magazine or interview..
but this is one of the funniest translation i've read so i thought i would love to share it ^^

ah! and if anyone knows from where magazine and what issue is this or interview.. i would love to know ^^

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Which song and who would you like to do a duet with at a concert?
Pi: I wanna sing with everyone! And even though Xmas is over, I wanna sing Wham's "Last Christmas"
Kei: I wanna sing Kinki Kid's "to heart" w/ ryo chan.. wouldn't it be cool since we're the two oldest?
Ryo: I wanna sing "Zutto" with tegoshi. It's probably b/c i love him. (LOL).
Shige: If the two guys who are good at singing, YamaP and Tegoshi sing "Cherish" i'll be their back up singer.
Kusa: I wanna sing "Cherish" with Massu. Actually I don't care about the song. I just wanna sing with Massu (LOL).
Massu: I wanna sing "Zutto" zutto (forever) with Shige.
Tego: I wanna sing "Hitomi wo Tojite" by Hirai Ken w/ Nishikido Kun. It'll probably sound really pretty.

Who do you think is the best dancer in NEWS?
Pi: Massu. I dance kinda weird.
Kei: Shige. Only he can have this weird vibe around him when he dances (LOL).
Ryo: Massu! Massu's solo in Summary was so cool!
Shige: I'm not jealous at all, but Kusano is seriously so good.
Kusa: ME!
Massu: ME! I'm number one!
Tego: Kusano. He always watches hip hop DVDs and stuff so he's very good.

Who's the funniest in NEWS?
Pi: I think I'm pretty funny, but i will never beat Kusano.
Kei: Massu, even when he's not trying to be funny.
Ryo: Tegoshi.. he uses this innocent young character of his very well. (LOL)
Shige: Koyama! JK. (LOL) I would have to say Nishikido Kun.
Kusa: Probably Nishikido kun. But I think I'm funny too! We're funny when we're together. (LOL)
Massu: Shige. Since nobody will probably pick Shige, i just chose him. (LOL)
Tego: Massu.. even when he's trying not to be funny, he can still silence an entire room.

If you could switch places with one member who would it be?
Pi: I'll be Massu and laugh all day.
Kei: Tegoshi! I would sing all day.
Ryo: I'm fine with being myself. (LOL)
Shige: I wanna be yamaP and sing "Seishun Amigo"
Kusa: I wanna be shige and go to his school and see what kind of school life he has.
Massu: I wanna be shige and rebel against the teacher.
Tegoshi: Nishikido Kun. I wanna have that manly sexiness that he has and make girls faint. (LOL)

If you and another member liked the same girl, who would you not want that member to be?
Kei: Massu.. he'll probably love the girl more than me. (LOL)
Ryo: I don't really care... but if that did ever happen... I would take her away from them.
Shige: Nishikido kun b/c he'll probably take her away from me.
Kusa: All of them! But if that did happen.. I wouldn never give her up.. or i might.. or i don't knowww (LOL)
Massu: Hm.. everyone.
Tego: yamaP b/c he'll probably let me have her, but then I'll feel really guilty and sorry.

If you were to go on a double date with another member, who would it be?
Pi: kusano b/c he'll probably make the date real fun!
Kei: ryo chan.. he probably knows all these cool places!
Ryo: Koyama.. b/c he'll probably plan the date out so i wouldn't really have to do anything (LOL)
Shige: Massu b/c we probably won't like the same type of girl so it'll be ok.
Kusa: Nishikido kun.. I think we'll make the date fun and our girlfriends would probably get along.
Massu: Since I've known him the longest.. and I know him the best.. SHIGE!
Tego: Massu since we'll probably have fun at the karaokes!

It's been about 2 years since you guys have debuted.. who hasn't changed at all?
Pi: I think we've all changed.. we've become more mature.
Kei: yamaP.. him and his going my way personality.
Ryo: Massu and his hair style!!! (LOL) Please change it soon.
Shige: Massu hasn't changed at all.. and i can't say his sense of style has gotten better either. (LOL)
Kusa: Massu's face nor personality has changed.. but that's what so great about him.
Massu: Probably me. it doesn't matter what people say.. i'll always be me.
Tego: Massu hasn't changed! but i like him that way so please don't change!

Who do you think is the sexiest member of NEWS?
Pi: Ryo chan! He's so mature and sexy! Well more ero than sexy. (LOL)
Kei: Ryo chan and his sexy black hair.
Ryo: Even though he's not a member.. Orlando Bloom (LOL)
Shige: Nishikido kun.. I can feel his sexiness even when watching him on tv.
Kusa: Yamashita kun is sexy! No actually he's just really pretty.
Massu: I don't know.. I mean i don't think guys are sexy (LOL) That's ok right?
Tego: Nishikido kun. And also Yamashita kun.. his gestures can be sexy sometimes (LOL)

If you could tell one member to change something about himself, what would it be?
Pi: Nothing! I don't think we've ever fought!
Kei: Kusano. He acts like he's listening to people, when he actually isn't.
Ryo: Massu's hair.. god PLEASE change it! (LOL)
Shige: Kusano. When he watches DVDs the volume is so frickin LOUD! And so is his snoring!!!
Kusa: Massu! Stop copying people!! (LOL)
Massu: Koyama.. when i'm talking he's always like "yes yes" but he never actually listens to what i'm saying. (LOL)
Tego: Kusano.. he's so forgetful! And i've been forced to go back to places to get his cell phone, wallet...

What's something new you noticed about yamaP?
Pi: I'm happier when i have lots of work and when i'm busy!
Kei: When he gets really hyper, he goes to a differnt world like Akira.
Ryo: Hmm.. nothing really. but when he gets mad, he gets really mad.
Shige: He's really hyper.. he's really similar to akira.
Kusa: He says alot of funny things lately!!
Massu: The yamaP i see might be different from the yamaP that everyone else sees.
Tego: He's really into imitaing comedians lately.

What's something new you noticed about Koyama?
Pi: He's really nice to everyone around him. Like when I'm tired, he can tell, so in the car he doesn't talk.
Kei: I can be really hyper!
Ryo: He actually likes girls! (LOL)
Shige: He doesn't hide anything from me.
Kusa: He actually might have lots of secrets! (LOL)
Massu: He's pretty laid back!
Tego: Even when I'm annoying and follow him around he doesn't get mad.

What's something new you noticed about Ryo chan?
Pi: He's really shy. When people say good stuff about him, he blushes.
Kei: He's nicer to me when we're alone than when we're all together.
Ryo: I don't know.. I don't really have any secrets. I live openly! (LOL)
Shige: He might seem kinda mean, but he's actually nice.
Kusa: Surprisingly, he always looks at me like he wants me to talk to him. He's very lovable. (LOL)
Massu: When we eat, he gives me his food and he's a really nice person.
Tego: He's so much older and more experienced than me but he's still very nice to me.

What's something new you noticed about Shige?
Pi: He seems like a good student, but he's really funny!
Kei: He's very serious. He printed out what songs we're going to sing at our concert in what order and gave it to me!
Ryo: He probably doesn't study as much.
Shige: I actually like to talk alot.
Kusa: Lately, he just sits there and all he does is read and he doesn't even get up!
Massu: He always tells me information about work and always returns my calls.
Tego: I used to think he wasn't athletic, but i guess he's really good at riding the one wheeled bicycles!

What's something new you noticed about Kusano?
Pi: He really likes baggy, hip hop-ish clothes.. and he looks good in them!
Kei: He seems really fun and hyper but he's actually serious, esp when it comes to concerts.
Ryo: He tries to make himself look manly.. but he's not quite there yet. (LOL)
Shige: He's short tempered, and he gets really emotional easily.
Kusa: He's actually really manly!! JK i just wanted to say that since nobody else did. (LOL)
Massu: When we would argue, he usually wins, but sometimes when i win, he gets really scared. I think he's actually pretty weak.
Tego: He usually forgets everything, but he remembered my birthday and that made me really happy.

What's something new you noticed about Massu?
Pi: He seems really macho, but i never see him doing push ups.
Kei: He worries alot. He's always like "i hope it's ok..."
Ryo: He's not obsessed, but he does care about his mom alot. This is a good thing.
Shige: He's actually not as happy as people think he is (LOL)
Kusa: He's really nice when we're alone.
Massu: to tell you the truth.. i actually CHANGED MY HAIR.
Tego: i used to think he wasn't outgoing, but i was surprised that he became friends with everyone on the set of our new drama.
What's something new you noticed about Tegoshi?
Pi: When he asks Massu to go to karaoke's with him, he's actually demanding him to go. (LOL)
Kei: He HATES to lose!
Ryo: Sometimes, he says random stuff.. which can be really funny.
Shige: He's very serious, and once he starts something he does the best he can.
Kusa: I actually don't know his deep secrets. (LOL) And also, when i asked him about his college entrance exams, he kinda ignored me (LOL)
Massu: He doesn't talk as much on the set of our drama.
Tego: I always forget to zip my pants. (LOL) I think they're unzipped alot during concerts (LOL)

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