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[fanreports] Fukuoka Dec 27 & 28 AND Tokyo Dome 30

I translated a few fanreports.


Fukuoka Dec. 27 & 28
♪~ TegoPi
♪~ Tegoshi is once more confirmed to be S
♪~ Shige has weird fans
♪~ How do fans call NEWS members?
♪~ Fan blogs
♪~ Wikipedia
♪~ Propaganda: unexpected SP announcement

Tokyo Dome Dec. 30
♪~ Ryo-chan depressed and tsukkomi-ed on the first day of Tokyo Dome
♪~ RUSS-K & Lawson: TegoPi, loser!Shige XD
♪~ Special guests: MatsuJun & Ikuta Toma
♪~ YamaToma rabu
♪~ MatsuJun gets his way in someone else's concert... with style
♪~ NEW SONG! NEW SONG! NEW SONG! NEWS original song especially for Dome!
♪~ Another rumored guest on the bench

Sorry for the previous post-and-delete post. I thought I was wrong, but then turned out I was right!
NEWS wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the new song entitled "Share" especially for Dome!!
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