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Just a crazy idea

I need some opinions on this crazy idea I have on "share" by NEWS! Care to read on?

1. Tell me if you like this idea, or any other crazy stuff you want to add on?
2. Tell me if this idea is feasible?
3. Tell me if I can convey this idea to NEWS by sending emails to Koyama's or Massu's radio shows? (Not about them being able to do it, all I want is to convey this idea to them if there is a chance~)
4. Tell me if you're willing to help (most probably translating the text to Japanese?) if there is a possibility of sending this idea to their radio shows? (optional)

Feel free to add any comments too!^^

My Idea(Hopefully budget enough for fangirls to support~):

-"share" to be released as a single, no tie-in or such.
-B-side songs may not be composed or written by NEWS, but at least the A-side song, "share" is fully written and composed by NEWS.
-LE and RE Cover both designed by NEWS members?
-Includes a DVD 
~of footages where they performed "share" during concerts
~a group discussion/interaction which is spontaneous with "share" as a theme or topic
~about how they came out with this song, difficulties they faced and all.
~each member expressing their thoughts (during this discussion/interaction thing)

PS: Actually, DVD doesn't have to be long, just footages can take about 5 minutes? Then that discussion can take about 10 minutes to 20 minutes if they really talk a lot? *laughs*

So generally, this is a single full of Member Ai~ *laughs*

Thank you for your attention!

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