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Akamepiryo pic spam

Hello :) This is my first time posting to this community XD I usually post Kat-tun pic spams but this time i decided to do smt different so i am posting a News x Kat-tun pic spam, starring Kame, Jin, Ryo and Pi. lol...akampeiryo sounds like i have written an orgy fic.
Don´t mind the comments as i am a sarcastic person by nature and like to poke fun at the boys. Some comments may be nc-17 so be aware.
There are a lot of pictures so the pic spam is definitely not dial-up friendly. But please let your PC load all the pics and you won´t be disappointed XD
My previous pic spams(all focused on Kat-tun) can be found here
A little preview of the pictures:
The pic spam is located here or at my lj eragon22 
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