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[Fan report] Winter Diamond concert at Hiroshima

Hello, I've been to 3 NEWS concerts at Hiroshima and Kumamoto, everybody knows what happens in the concert but I wanted to do a report too, also because I've seen something from Ryo that was so unexpected the second day that I wanted to share it with you.

I'm very late sorry !

I've decided to go since the Pacific Tour DVD was released, I was hoping that they'll do concerts in winter too this year, so in september when they announced the date's concerts I've asked for holidays and prepared my trip. I was hoping a lot and haven't been disappointed. I even made a Ryo uchiwa but I've carried it just for one song, uchiwa are embarrassing XD

NEWS winter PARTY DIAMOND 2008-2009 concert in Hiroshima Day 1 - 18h (6PM)

For the goodies, there were a few lines for them it was quickly done, the only thing was that I had a long list of goodies to buy for friends of mine, so it was hard to tell it to the young girl who was selling them, ("Masuda-kun no uchiwa" She gave me Yamashita. "iie Masuda-kun ^^" next "Masuda-kun no clearfile" she gave me Yamashita again ??? aha)
It was an hour before the beginning of the concert. I entered the Green Arena with my 2 bags full of goodies and the person in charge of the tickets didn't look at the name printed on my ticket and nobody looked at my bag ! My seat was in "arena", I felt sooooooo lucky having this kind of ticket, it was the first time for me. Looking at the arena's map I was disappointed because the seat I had booked was at the bottom of the arena, but in reality it was near the third scene (the small one, there was one rank of seats behind me with the table of the sound engineer and there were six seats at my right, plus the catwalk). So I could see the members very clearly !

Lineup :

Happy Birthday
Hadashi no cinderella boy - ??? a surprise because it was supposed to be an encore ?!
Gan gan ganbatte - I have understood nothing about the dance.
Why - One of my favorite song, Massu didn't fail at billiards, when Ryo and Tegoshi sang, the other four singers danced and it was very nice.
Bambina - Didn't like the song at the beginning but woooo the dance was great, at the end of the song they have come to the center of the stage, I have looked at Koyama and Tegoshi was in front so I could see them dancing together and suddenly Tegoshi's butt has appeared in my binoculars, and I have to confess that wearing that tiny pink pants he looked... hot.
In fact the choreography is very sexy. Koyama dances very well.
Say Hello
Party Time - I think it was at the beginning of this song that the members have spread on the arena, Koyama has come to the "small scene" (or front scene I don't know how to tell it) where I was, I've noticed that his shirt was opened and that he was sweating, and at this moment as he was walking he has put his hand on his chest and he has removed his sweat. Do I have to tell you how sexy it looked?! Thank you K-chan for this fanservice lol

(I don't know where this pic comes from but thank you, that's what he looked like)

Tambourine - I found Shige's solo very weird, it reminds me of one of the french comic group "Les inconnus" with their song called "Isabelle a les yeux bleus" or "Et vice versa", it was like a comic song, but I didn't laugh, he put so much of himself in it and he actually sang well and I thought he would not be able to sing live but he did it !
Ai no matador - Tegoshi was good as usual and the dance's moves were nice.
Masuperman - It was so hot in the arena (not because of Koyama...) that I had to take off a shirt, so I've only seen the end of Massu's song when he said "I'm a hero I'm a superman" or something like that, with his new hairstyle, his bow tie and the light under him, he looked like Dr Jekyll ! I found him scary ! Poor Massu... - I love this song so much ! So happy to see this on scene, I looked to Shige of course, he was at the left from the main scene (every member were on those mini stages which lift up and Yamapi was at the center) and when he sang "Kuchizuke wo" everybody began to scream (me too) and some girls were very excited !
Taiyou no namida - They were just in front of me on the small scene, the seats in front of me were empty, weirdly (in fact it was the seats behind me but when they were on the small scene we were looking at them so the back seat had become the front seat, I'm not sure to explain myself clearly...) ; I couldn't believe that I was seing them so clearly !!! I was in heaven. At the end they came back on the middle stage and Massu was sweating a lot you could tell on his face that it was very hard for him, he did a grimace. And behind him Ryo was smiling and jumping !!! He was allright. Such a difference between them lol
Hoshi wo mezashite
Easy come easy go

MC - Koyama and Shige own the talk a lot, I began to sleep like Tegoshi but at the end I could understand what they were talking about. They were talking about Shounen Club Premium and Shige's interview in wich he had said he was believing he was an elite so the other members joked about it and Yamapi said something like they weren't some elites if I have well understood, the public has given an "aaaaah" as if Yamapi had said something serious, philosophical, so that's how I have understood it.
Massu was embarassed about his new hairstyle when, after this, the camera has zoomed on him. He has put one of his hands on his forehead in order to hide himself, so some girls in the audience have begun to scream "Kawaiiii !!" but he was so embarrased ! Poor Massu. Ah and Tegoshi was wearing a new hairstyle absolutely, incredibly, fantasticaly SEXY, his hair was tied up with a hair slide so when the camera zoomed on him everyone went screaming "Kyaaaaa" even the members said that it was cool !

Ginza Rhapsody - Aaaaah I was waiting so much for that song !! At the beginning Yamapi danced on his own then Koyama danced with the Juniors and the choreography was really stylish. The way they moved was nice and they sang well.
Aiaigasa - Tegoshi and Massu at the top of the giant diamond, it looked like a honnor to hear Tegoshi's voice and the end of the song was sooooo beautiful ! Is Tegoshi perfect ?
Mafuyu no nagareboshi
Snow Express - Aaaaaah this is my favorite song !!! I couldn't wait doing the dance moves lol.
Forever - This song is so much love and Massu's line at the end is so cute that you want to hug him.
Cherish - "mada shiranai..." thank you Ryo for letting us singing a part of this song.
Teppen - They go all over the arena and wave to everybody.
Ordinary - Ryo's solo, so so soooooo good ! Can't wait for the DVD :3
Change the world
Beach Angel
Fly again - Like "Forever" this song is full of love, your head goes left and right.

Encore :
Kibou yell - This song makes me laugh every time I listen to it, so live it was very fun.
Weeeek - Everybody was jumping, very funny !!

Few things :
I've hit the head of the woman in front of me with my penlight, I am SO SORRY !
A lot of girls yelled to Massu more than for Yamapi or Ryo, I was surprised !
The video at the beginning for the introduction of the members is mecha cool !!! The music fits very well, Tackey has done a great work ! Yamapi has made the peace sign, Ryo has smiled, Tegoshi had confettis, Koyama and Shige have done nothing special, and Massu.... Massu.... what an adorable guy XD he was eating an ice cream and with his left hand he was eating a mouthful of cake and thumbed up. So cute. Massu and food, a love story.

Speaking of Massu he was the one who waved most to the audience, according to what I've seen, he could stay in front of a bloc to be sure to wave to everyone. Ryo was so serious, he didn't look at my bloc, I thought he was boring and I'm a Ryo fan... He smiled a lot with the member and especially Tegoshi. Yamapi is so lovely he was very kind to us, waving all the time and looking at us as if to be sure that we were having good time. One time he has stayed in front of me while he was waving in his white t-shirt so I have looked at him, I have looked at his perfect chest, and finally I have looked at his arm while he was still waving...And I have seen that his skin was um, shaking, he has lost a lot of muscles so the bottom of his arm was shaking, the difference between his chest and his arm was so weird ! Now every time I look at my white concert's t-shirt I think of Yamashita and his arm and it makes me smile XD

Koyama is sexy as hell and very thin !! At the end of the concert he was wearing a black t-shirt and he looked even more sexy, I can't wait for the DVD. Shige was very funny, how he looked at people and his smile is so weird that he makes me laugh ! Tegoshi is a beauty do I have to tell it... He's very kind and smiles a lot, and his new hairstyle was cool, he should do it more often.

I was lucky enough to be in front of the small scene so the members could see me and it is what they did :
First there was Koyama who was crouching down and waving to my bloc, then he has looked at me. As he was wearing a hat I am not sure he was specially waving at me, of course it may have been at the girl on my right or on my left side, or was he waving to someone behind me, but there was noone between Koyama and me so I think he could see me. Of course I want to believe that all that was for me ! It's just that he has small eyes and his hat was hiding them a little, that is why I am sure of it only at 98%. But.

.......Koyama has seen me I want to believe it XD

Massu at his place later, has waved at me twice. The same concerning K-chan, he has small eyes so it is difficult to tell.
Shige.... Shige at the same place... He has seen me and he has blown a kiss to me loooooool he was having his serious face you know when he shows his teeth with a tensed smile. Before the concert I was thinking he was weird and after it I have thought that I was perfectly right ! I adore him now because of this, he's, um, weird XD


After the last song we have screamed "NEWSSU !" but only a few girls have done it. In my bloc only my neighboor from my left and I have been the only ones to scream. I was following the bloc above us (with 2 foreigners girls, one was wearing a "USA" sign on her uchiwa, maybe one of you ?), the man from the security or whatever has screamed where the exit was for us to understand that the show was over, so we have screamed louder, and my neighboor and I we have looked at each other and we have laughed, but after a few minutes I have seen that the show was over, NEWS have not come back on the stage for an encore.
After the concert I have bought some posters, I couldn't carry more goodies, and I haven't bought the ones I wanted to buy for me lol

That's it for the first part. I've found my first NEWS concert very funny, those guys are very nice and sing well, and this has surprised me specially concerning Shige, Koyama and Ryo.
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