Jessica (j_halo7) wrote in news_jpop,

NEWS Winter Party Diamond Masterpost

Hey everyone. I had compiled and made a masterpost for the Winter Party Diamond concert for my own benefit which lists and links out to the various fan reports as well as translations of MCs. Basically anything to do with the concert tour. There's also some links to pictures of concert goods and photos but those aren't that up to date as I've been lazy. But the fan reports section should be quite comprehensive. So you can use my post and see if you've missed out on anything good.

Of course, I might have missed out some good reports too so feel free to link me to them and I'll add them onto the list. For Tokyo Dome, the 30th Dec concert has waaay too many reports, some of which is like a repeat to me as they roughly all say the same thing so I've not linked to a few of them.

I'll continue to update the post once fanreports of Osaka concerts starts appearing. Oh, and some of the links there might lead to friend-locked posts which I can't do anything about. Just read others then. Well, on to the link!

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