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How I got into JE...

Okay.. so I've been reading all this posts of some Lj users of how they got into JE.. so I was like why won't I share mine.. so here it goess.. (Gomen for my bad English grammar not a native speaker)..

It started around 2005.. when Gokusen 1 was aired into the Philippines.. I was so into Jun Matsumoto at that time so that's why I rent a computer everyday for like 3 hours straight from a nearby internet cafe in my place.. The first song I heard from him was "La Familia" so I started singing that song (At that time.. I don't know anything about Japanese songs or people.. I only know him).. so as days goes by I finished the whole Gokusen season 1 from watching it from youtube.. Then at the last episode I saw Gokusen 2 ( I was like.. "there's a season 2?.. I'm gonna try watching it")..

So I immediately watched it and started LOVING Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin.. ( I liked Kame becuase of he's serious aura in that show and Jin's Bakaness).. then I started listening to the song "Kizuna" and got hooked into it (As well as the song "La Familia)..

SInce then everydya I read their biography from various internet sites of Jun, Kazuya and Jin.. I find out that Jin and Kame are from KAT-TUN ( I didn't know anything about KAT-TUN at that time and Jun was from Arashi)...

Around 2006.. I moved to United Stated and the one day my friend Andreii was online on her YM: Then I saw her default picture of KAT-TUn and I send her a message, I was like "Isn't that Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin from Gokusen 2?) and she said Yes...

So I searched Kamenashi again on the internet and then a lot of stuff popped out but the thing that catched my eyes the most was when I saw a gif of YAMASHITA TOMOHISA flapping his arms while going down the stars (Nobuta wo Produce: Episode 1 I think).. and I was laughing at him because he looks stupida t that time (Gomen!)..

Then I typed in Nobuta wo Produce at the iternet and they showed me the informations about that drama and the song Seishun Amigo (I listened to Seishun Amigo and started liking it).. Then after that I searched Yamapi's bio in the internet and then it said that he's fro a band called NewS.. I was like "NewS so that means he's a reporter?.. (back then I didn't knwo about the band name NewS that means North, East, South and West").. At that time I only liked Yamapi since I'm into NwP movie at that time and I ignored the other members..

Then soon I started moving onto to KAT-TUN stuff and started liking Kamenashi, Akanishi and Ueda the most... I didn't know anything about Ueda at that time so I tried typing his name on the internet hoping that he might has some dramas that I can watch so I can know more about him.. but then I found out that he haven't starred in any drama yet...

Anyways I accepted the truth about his drama thing and moved on.. Then I saw this video on youtube about Ryo VS. Ueda.. I was like is this for real?.. so I checked it and found out that Ryo is from the same band as Yamapi.. Then after that I went to some site to check if that fight was real and thank god it's onyl scripted.. Then there's a link connected to Ryo's dramas and I've watched Gambatte Ikkimashoi (where Nishikido and Taguchi starred in) and I was like isn't he from KAT-TUN too?..

SO since then I started downloading KAT-TUN and NewS songs only.. and soon I moved on to Hey! Say! JUMP (when I found out that there will be a third season of Gokusen and fortunately the lead role went to TAKAKI YUYA another JE star)..

so Until now, I'm so HOOKED into JE that I declared that I can lived a day without seeing those faces from my computer or from my I-POD...

P.S. I knwo this post started off from Jun Matsumoto of Arashi and I ahven't said anythign about the Arashi members at all.. Since I started liking KAT-TUN and NewS I kinda ignored them but last year around January when I started watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun.. My Arashi love came back and it spreaded from Jun Matsumoto to Ninomiya Kazunari and Sakurai Sho...
~~~ So here it is my lame and boring post about how I got into JE.. Thanks for reading it.. Comments are welcome..

MODS: Please feel free to delete it if it is not allowed or PLEASE let me know what I can do to make it appropriate for the comm.

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