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[mod post] graphics.

In the middle of finals right now, so I'll be brief. I need to see how opinions have changed about graphics posts.

☆ Voting will continue until February 14th, 2009 (GMT+3 timezone), so please spread it around if you know members who haven't noticed. I'm going to go by the majority's votes, so it'd be great to get the members to help out!
Edit: This was asked by inala just now and I thought I should mention it - graphics, for this poll, means icons, wallpapers and banners. While it's mainly those three, anything that's similar to them is also included, but I have just come home from a final so excuse braindeadness since I can't think of anything else like them >>
☆ The poll answers are pretty clear, but just to make sure: keep them if you like them where they are, ban them if you don't want them and don't care where they go, keep them, but in separate community if you want the graphics in another community made just for them, I don't care either way is just as it says, and Other if you have another suggestion you think will work.
Keep in mind that I didn't add any mod-organized graphics rule if I were to keep them, mostly because I am the only mod who is watching the community day-to-day and all of us don't have the time nor energy to keep up any kind of organized method for graphics if we were to keep them. <-- PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE SUGGESTING MOD-ORGANIZED SUGGESTIONS.
☆ If the votes for the separate community are the majority, the graphics community will be a sister community, but once again, none of the news_jpop mods have time to keep up with the work of another community. If you are willing to help out and create a graphics community to be news_jpop's sister comm - in the case that separate community wins - please leave a comment here to let me know!

Poll #1342697 Graphics: stay or go?

What do you want to be done with graphics?

Keep them
Ban them
Keep them, but in separate community
I don't care either way
Other (write in comments)

Happy voting~
Tags: !mod post

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