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How Johnny is perceived by the Johnnys

While we are all waiting for a new single/new variety show or just spazzing over the nishikato rabu in the recent mags, I thought it would be fun to share something I've translated a while back. ^^

I'm sure we have all heard about the quirky old man named Johnny, the president of Jimusho, be it through the rumoured scandals with the Johnnys or his well-known power to suck money out of fangirls' pockets. Perhaps we have a love-hate relationship with him.. but what exactly do the Johnnys think of their boss??

Click on Johnny Kitagawa to unveil his life-story as well as the impressions the Johnnys (including some NEWS members) have on him.

Someone: There was once when Johnny was barbequing a Pacific Saury and it attracted a fire-engine.

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