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Tegoshi's playing in a new movie.

Does anyone know when its coming out of when its done filming or something?

I can't find much about it on internet. I can't wait to see it!!!*____* its been so long since I last saw Tegoshi on a drama.

Not when I'm watching My boss My hero XD omg that's the best serie in the world and Tegoshi is playing such a girl xD kawaii ne.

okay back to topic. All I know is that its called : Nakushita Kioku

Even tho I search on it there's not much about it. When did they  start filming and stuff? And when is it coming out? >< Its annoying that I can't find info about the movie like that.  I just hope Tegoshi is okay. He's filming drama and goes to school and have sing career. I adore that guy so much. Ahh well I guess I just have to wait. Beh hate waiting!! And I heard on youtube on Kei-chan's radio show where Tego-chan was a guest. He actually spoke some english XDD so cute! lol

mm....okay I can't find more to ask/write about now. I kinda just woke up so I'm feeling a bit....dizzy. JA NE!^^


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