press the reset ☆ (kizuite) wrote in news_jpop,
press the reset ☆

[mod post] new link + reminder.

Quick mod post :)

onigiri_lolita sent me a message about the NEWS scans community over at nippon_news, wondering if I could add a link to it in the sidebar, and I immediately did so. We all want the latest scans of NEWS, plus there's most likely scans missing from here or there, so nippon_news should be of some (or a lot!) of use in its' new place on the sidebar. I hope the members here will join it and help it grow even more. X3

Also, a friendly reminder to get in any mod nominations - there's only a day left! If you have anyone you think would make a good mod here at news_jpop and would like to nominate them, or you think you'd fit that position and would like to nominate yourself, go ahead and do so! Make sure to check out the details in the post as well~ ^^
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