Chiaki Kuri (watashiwachiaki) wrote in news_jpop,
Chiaki Kuri

Yuya's subbed ItteQ clip Jan.25 & Feb. 1

 I uploaded the ItteQ clips subbed by newshfan in YT
the clips were from Jan 25 episode where Miyaga and Imouto slept in the same sleeping bag
and the Feb. 1 episode where Becky went to an accurate fortune teller from Germany... ^^

2009.02.01 ->
2009.01.25 ->

this is for jazzmine_lj  and all those who can't download the video 
I do not own the sub nor the series.. This is solely to spread Tegoshi Yuya's... coolness..??? (>_<)

Tags: ♔ media: video - DO NOT USE

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