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CANADIAN FAN PROJECT : show your face to the world!

hey everyone! this is for all Canadian Johnny's Entertainment Fans!!!

We are currently making a website featuring all the fans across Canada.

With pictures and small bio of everyone, along with informations on the Fanclub and concerts, the purpose of this website is to expose to Johnny that YES the boys have Fanbs outside of Japan (as Yamapi had been wondering in a recent interview).

Once the website is done, we will be promoting it to the company thru various ways (radio shows, letter to Johnny himself, Fan letters, Family Club..ect) anything that we can do in order to let them know about the website.

So if you are a CANADIAN JE fan...please help us and Also if you can get friends involve, even if they arent HUGE long as they know who the boys are (which they should if they are your friends lol)...get them to take pictures too!

Send an email with a picture of yourself infront of a Canadian Landmark or something that could represent your city. (be creative)
include you name, age , city and favorit Group (limited to one per person)
send them to with the title of the project in the subject line (incase it goes in my junk box)

the project is only reserve for people living in Canada (or Canadian)....maybe eventually we will open the project to international fans..but right now only CANADIAN please!!!

qcobb  and kokichan</lj>  are both in charge of making the website, so expect your pictures to be posted within a week after you have sent it (or received my confirmation reply)

Spread the word!!! please visit and join the Canadian JE community here :

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