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[interviews/campaign] Bring Tegomass Back to Sweden! part two

At the March 29 fan get-together in Stockholm, I took the opportunity to interview five fans about Johnnys in general and Tegomass in particular. The interviews have now been edited and posted to YouTube (under the same welovetegomass account as the previously posted fansong Hooked on a Tegomass Feeling):

Interview 1: Sandra and Antonia

Interview 2: Amanda, Caroline, and Sonja
Part 1:
Part 2:
Also features singing and dancing! :)

Though the interviews were conducted in English, all the clips are subbed due to poor sound quality.

This is part of the ongoing campaign to bring Tegomass back to Sweden. Mostly, this campaign has consisted of gathering names through Facebook and Livejournal as well as fan get-togethers in Stockholm and other cities.

We got a very positive response to the campaign from JE, saying that both Tegoshi and Massu really want to come back and that they 'hope that the voices of the fans will make our dream of returning to Sweden possible!' And while there is no promise of a return, there are plans to have them go back to Sweden if there is enough fan interest.

This should of course be of great interest to Tegomass fans in the rest of Europe too, since it's much cheaper to get to Stockholm than to Tokyo. And, who knows, if we can turn this into a success - News might be next.

So please visit/join:
and put yourself on the map here:
And, of course, spread the word.

Even if you're outside Europe, Tegomass remains Johnnys' only truly international (outside Asia) project. Let's make it work, so that in the future more groups can go to more places around the world!

Miso Soup wasn't enough; we're hungry for more! ♥
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