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Arisa Meirin (明倫ありさ)

News hosting "24 Hour Television" Charity Marathon

Big news!

From Tokyograph:
"NTV has announced that its annual charity telethon "24 Hour Television" will have popular boy band NEWS as its main personalities this year. Now in its 32nd year, the telethon has featured Johnny's talents for seven years straight.

This year's telethon will be at Tokyo Big Sight instead of the usual Nippon Budokan. The event, whose theme is "START! ~Ippo wo Fumidasou~," will be held on August 29-30."

As I'm sure many of you know. Many other Johnny's groups have hosted this particular event and gone on to be co-hosts during the show's regular year-long run, so the charity marathon may be doubling as a test to determine whether NEWS will be next year's co-hosts. (Or potentially get their own show?) Either way, the show usually pulls in 20%+ ratings which is HUGE for a variety show, so it'll be great exposure for news. Yay~. <3

[Edit: My bad! I thought Arashi were regulars on the show the way KAT-TUN was in the past, but they've only hosted the same charity event. Thanks to those who told me.]
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