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Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*

[NewS PV's Lyrics/Subs]

Hello Everyone~
UchiHirokiLove dessssu.

^_^, I have some questions, I hope you guys will be willing to answer.
First of all, I have summer vacation so = free time.

I was wondering, if anyone has subbed all the NewS PV's?
not hardsub, but softsubs available?

if not then, i would like to do it all! ^^, I would even color code them :)
i'd just like it if someone could link me to where all the lyrics are/translations.
if that's too much to ask I can find them ^^

i just dont want to do something that someone has already done, i personally
do download hardsub, but i feel (learning japanese) sometimes i'd like to take them off ^^

what do you all think?

oh, one other question,

news' colors:
yamapi - red
shige - green
koyama - purple
massu - orange
tego - pink
ryo - yellow

i've seen different colors, but i'm going off the latest MS perf

gomen for long post ^_^, i just would like to give to this comm, that i'm sure many of us stalk ^^
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