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Tegoshi's New Drama SP

Rumours have been floating around for a while, but it's now official that Tegoshi will be appearing in a drama SP on Fuji TV this year! The announcement has appeared on both the Johnnys and Fuji TV (http://www.fujitv.co.jp/fujitv/news/pub_2009/090519dareka.html) websites.

Write-up on Fuji TV website (Tegoshi-related part only):
水谷豊主演の単発ドラマ『誰かが嘘をついている』(仮)にNEWSの手越祐也さんが出演することが決定しました! 手越さんは、水谷さん演じるサラリーマン、佐藤敏昭の長男・貴浩役で、就職活動中の学生という設定です。就活中ということで、髪型も普段より黒髪にしてスーツをビシッと着ているシーンもあり、はたまたガラッとイメージも変わってホストの役にも挑戦します。

Tegoshi Yuya of NewS will be acting in the drama SP 'Dareka ga uso wo tsuiteiru' (Someone is lying), which stars Mizutani Yutaka. Tegoshi will act as the eldest son of Mizutani's salaryman character, and is a student searching for a job. Since his character is job-hunting, Tegoshi will appear with darker-than-usual hair and in a business suit, and will even appear as a host in a role that is a reversal of his usual image.

I wasn't able to translate the names of Tegoshi and Mizutani's characters, would be great if someone could help! :)

Edit 1: Mizutani Yutaka plays the father Satou Toshiaki, Tegoshi plays the son Satou Takahiro, thanks to xsupamotion for the character names!

Edit 2: For those interested in the plot, daelite has a great summary of it here

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