Vy (vydinh616) wrote in news_jpop,

Tegoshi as a HOST

I know for sure that I will not the the only person freaking out after this. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but I saw this article on TokyoGraph and freaked out!!

Info on a new TV Special about a salary man who is accused of groping a woman on the train. The story's about how if affects his and his family's life. Tegoshi plays the son of this salary man who works at a bar as a host.

HOST!!! I have a feeling that the image of Tegoshi as a host is going to make fangirls go wild. I doubt he'd have any problems playing that character though, since we all know how much of a flirt this idiot already is. I definitely look forward to the movie though~ Finally there's something with Tegoshi in it.

Sources: http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-4841
Tags: news: other

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