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NEWSTranslations needs help!

Hi! If you haven't dropped by our community please go ahead and take a look newstranslation !
The comm has been running to organize translations hoping to make it easier for you guys to search for them, and avoid duplications.
Even though we have updated with lots of translation listings since we started this comm, we're still looking for someone to help us out.
We need someone who:
-feels comfortable to work with a html codes and help us post listings at the comm.
-can help update our 2009 Translation listing chart and request post. (Note: We will be taking turns to update the chart.)
-can organize list of translations and post to different folders in a forum.
You don't need to be able to do all of these tasks. It would be awesome if you do, but you can just help us with whatever you are good at.

It's okay if you are busy and not always around. Just as much time as your RL allows :)
We're looking for a couple of people so leave a comment if your interested!

A few other things to mention. Translators are more than welcome to maintain a translation progress post and update there. Just contact me akira_ken2 or newstrans_staff for posting access.

And also, here is a request post at our comm.
It'd be nice if translators can drop by and help out with some requests. Since some scans are not allowed to be re-posted or hotlinked so when you make a request I suggest either to upload it to your own server or check for the magazine issue at this awesome index.

And last, I would like to know how you prefer to view updates on the 2009 translation listing. Any other suggestions or comments are welcomed.

How should the listing be posted?

by months
by year
by months (but with the date changed everytime there is an update so it appears on my freind's page)
by year (but with the date changed everytime there is an update so it appears on my freind's page)

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