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My full report on last day filming Buzzer Beat.

Hi everybody!

I actually slept only 4 hours but cannot sleep any longer...still too excited about what happened to me yesterday...
And I know you are waiting for a full report so I will try to report everything that was interesting!
PS: I couldn't take any pictures or videos this time...too many security guards.

First of all, we arrived at the gymnasium around 11AM...lots of people were already there. This time we didn't hesitate to go and ask if we could enter. It was actually open for everyone; you just needed to pick up a numbered ticket. There was a queue reserved for Johnny's Family Club members and they entered the gymnasium before the other people. We met three Americans girls there. Actually they were there because of my previous report so it was so funny. Very nice meeting you girls! We talked together while we waited outside the gymnasium and sat together once we were inside. Although we had to move our seats later, we were separated but still remained close to each other.

At the beginning, there was a press conference. They announced the cast and Keiko Kitagawa was there. Yamapi didn't appear with everybody. They announced him just after the cast entered. "Yamashita Tomohisa"...the entire gymnasium yelled like crazy at that moment!
He was so hot...beautiful, perfect, and awesome...I couldn't stop thinking "OMG he is hot, OMG he is hot...."Again such a high emotions to see him...my entire body shook...doki doki!!!!!!!!!!

They had the press conference and we couldn't hear what they said but it was done in ten minutes. After that they just stood there taking pictures. Yamapi talked with Keiko Kitagawa several times...they laughed together...looked like they got along very well.

Next they filmed all the CM versions, you know like "Buzzer Beat starts 13th of July", “Buzzer Beat starts tomorrow”, "Buzzer Beat starts tonight"...very interesting to see that...and it reminded me of the “Making of Prodai SP” when they filmed all the CM versions without any break...it was exactly like that (laugh).
Yamapi encouraged the public behind him...and the reaction was as they expected...the public just screamed like crazy (needed for the CM)

We had to change seats during this shooting.... and we were placed five meters away from the ground! We could see Yamapi in detail! After they filmed the CMs, Keiko Kitagawa left...it was the last time we would see her. She did a hello sign to us while leaving the basketball floor ^^

Then the filming started...the name of the opposite team was Brex and their main color was yellow. Some scenes were very long to shoot so the first hours were a bit tiring but some interested things happened! For the first scene, Yamapi had to catch the ball and run to the basket...but he had to shoot the scene many times because he always missed the ball when the other player threw it to him...actually it was quite a funny time! He always said, “Sorry”...absolutely adorable!!!!!

Another scene was very, very funny...but it wasn't with Yamapi. One of Yamapi's team players had to make a basket...but he always missed the basket and the shooting was very looong! Ito Hideaki (who played the coach) was sooo funny! He simulated punching another player and the player fell down on the floor. The entire gymnasium laughed! After another wrong shoot...he was going to hit the player again but some other team member caught him before he could aim for the player...Ito Hideaki was such a funny person! Yamapi was also laughing ^^ In another wrong shoot, he went to the basket and told the player, “You have to put the ball INSIDE this, ok?!" haha!

We also had such a great "Yamapi moment" LOL... Actually for one scene he had to fall down trying to catch the ball... But for the first shoot he rushed into the advertising boards...I think he didn't manage his speed very well... At first we all worried if he injured himself but he stood up doing a sign saying "I'm fine...just stupid ^^' " Such a great moment!

A first big emotional moment happened after that. It was a break time and Yamapi was going to the background... There were 4 exits on the ground and we sat near one of them...and Yamapi was just coming to our exit...so it was THE moment for us to try to catch up his attention. Everybody yelled his name when he approached...and he finally looked up at our block and smiled to us! He did a hello sign to the Americans girls near us! We were very happy for them! We were like "Yes, you did it girls!!!"

A while later, another even bigger emotional experience happened. It was break time again and Yamapi went to the background but by another exit on the other side. He came back just a few seconds later and suddenly came again to our exit! We thought it was THE MOMENT! This time we stood up from our seat and came to the edge of the ground...so we were very close to him! We yelled his name again, but everybody was doing it so he wasn't paying too much attention. At this moment I said THE word that changed everything..."Yamapii...ONEGAI!"...this word caught his attention and he looked up at us!!!!!!! Only us! My friend and I! He smiled to us...such a beautiful smile...we were in heaven! We couldn't believe it!

After that we were completely excited.
Ito Hideaki came very close to us and we also caught his attention. He gave us a hello sign and also a big smile...two times!

They filmed another scene in the audience...three high school girls in uniform had to encourage the team. During this shoot, Yamapi and the other players just sat on the ground and waited. Yamapi was very close to us! He talked with a player...we looked at him all the time and commented about all his moves like "Yamapi is touching his hair", "Yamapi is laughing", "Yamapi is drinking Weider-in jelly" (yes he really did!), "Yamapi is doing some gym exercise", "Yamapi is closing his eyes and looks very tired"...such great moments!

After that someone brought him something to drink...and I recognized it was a Red Bull can! I can confirm to you that Yamapi was full of energy after that...maybe too much (laugh)! Actually we could see him sometimes sing a song and he did some moves in rhythm when he was alone and waiting for a shooting...he couldn't stay still without doing anything...he was like an electric battery! Very funny to see him...he was really in his own world...ADORABLE!

They finished filming the match with the Brex team and next we had to film some other scenes with another team. The team was called "HARTS" and their main color was white.
For the new shooting they needed to change the audience who was filmed...(they have to film new heads). The woman who organized it came to our block and said to follow her...and she brought us to the corner to be filmed!!!!! We couldn't believe it!!! And we had such nice seats...the camera couldn't miss us! They gave to us some white balloons and flags of the new team color! My friend caught a big flag and we had to go to the edge of the ground for the filming (because the flag was big and needed space to move it).
So we were in front of everybody! Just amazing!

I really think we will appear in Buzzer Beat this time! And Yamapi was playing a lot near us...so I am pretty sure we were filmed. If you want to try to see us...my friend has long straight black hair with Yamapi's RUSS-K t-shirt (the black one with blue writing), and she held a big flag. I was just next to her with a white balloon... I will watch all details of all the match scenes… haha!

The shooting with the new team started. And towards the end of it...something just unbelievable happened!!!!!!!!!!! Actually my friend and I often joked and said, "Come on Yamapi, dance Mola on the basketball court...we know you want to do it".... we couldn't imagine that it would happen some time later!!!

The entire gymnasium was tired...we were there for 7 hours...
So the man who encouraged the audience to scream and clap in rhythm tried to wake us up by doing some beat box! He was very good at it! And Yamapi slowly started to move his body...like dancing in a club, you see. But suddenly...we don't know why he got excited (red bull, LOL), but he started to do big moves...we couldn't believe it …we were all in shock! The entire gymnasium went crazy! We screamed! We really became hysterical...we couldn't control ourselves anymore...it was so...sudden...we weren’t prepared for that! I yelled so loud that I lost my voice!!!

He did a big dance...I recognized some moves from his Mola performance. And he just finished on the floor doing like a final pose...OH...MY...GOD! I can confirm we were all excited till the end after that...we found the energy to finish the filming!

The filming finished at 20h30...so we spent 7 hours with Yamapi. I am dying of happiness. Yamapi said some words in a mic..."Thank you for coming tonight...hope you enjoyed..." things like that. We tried to catch his attention for the last time but he didn't look at us. BUT as he left, he saw the American girls and said in the mic, "Thank you for coming today" in English! KYAAAAAAAA! We were five very lucky girls that day!!!!!

I still cannot believe what happened to me these last few days. It was my big dream to see Yamapi and watching him shoot his next dorama was just something I couldn't imagine!
For now I really believe that dreams can come true!
Just believe in your dreams...it can happen!
Thank you for reading!

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