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Shokura ticket


I managed to get my hands on a ticket to tomorrow's Shokura recording (15 June). Tegomass, Koyama and HSJ will be there. Nakamaru will not be there due to KT's concert. Since each ticket admits 2 people and none of my friends are fans of Tegomass, I decided to post here to see if there's anyone who happens to be in Tokyo now and is interested to go with me. 8D

1. Please understand that I bought the ticket for 5000yen from a Japanese fan, so we would have to split the cost of the ticket. You can pay me when we meet tomorrow before the recording.
2. This is my first time going to a JE event so I'm not too sure about how things work. I will not take any responsibility if anything happens last minute (eg. fanclub membership check, entrance denied, etc)
3. The recording starts at 7pm and is expected to end at 9pm. However the gate opens at 5.45pm so please make sure you can get to the NHK hall by that time.
4. Seats will only be decided (randomly) by NHK when we get there. I don't guarantee good seats.
5. It says on the ticket that no uchiwas or signboards are allowed.
6. No last minute cancellations.

If you're fine with the above conditions and would like to join me, leave a comment. This is going to work on a first come first serve basis. ^^

seca seems to be looking for someone to join her too, so anyone who's interested can try contacting her. :D
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