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[ad] grimoire - charmed based RP community

This is the story of how witches, practitioners of magic and holders of unique gifts, and demons, supernatural beings determined to plague the world with evil, fight each other off for survival. One side powered by evil, the other motivated by good, both determined to eradicate the other off from the world. No one willing to surrender. And along with the unending battle, beings known as whitelighters are sent down to help the witches against their fight with evil while some regular mortals play as the pawns of the demons.

Read as the stories of their lives unravel one by one. With every leaf turned, another page is added in the magical books known as Grimoires.

An AU Roleplaying Community set in present day Japan, loosely based in the universe of Charmed. Only artists involved in the Japanese Entertainment Industry are allowed for claim.
rules | premise | details | claims | applications | f.a.q.

Currently, Koyama and Masuda are still available for claiming.
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