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hungarian fansite~

i made a hungarian fansite about NEWS~~~ (but mostly Tegoshi..)
if you're hungarian you can find subtitles, translations and daily news about the guys.

but i'd like to ask you guys, even if you're not hungarian, to tell your opinion about the layout.. (because its my new layout (: ) you can write in english.. you can write to the chat, or to my 'guestbook' on the left side. if you're going to write to my guestbook, just click to the 'Guestbook' then to the 'Új bejegyzés' (~new comment) and then you have to write your name to the 'Név' box. but e-mail is not neccesary.

thank you so much!

click to yamapiii~~
sorry for tha name ;D (news-jpop)

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