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[campaign] How high can we push them? How strong are we, really?

*film trailer voice*
Tegomass fans! We have a new mission! A new campaign! And this time, ALL fans around the world can participate!

Our goal: To get Tegomass to first place on the singles list in Sweden next/this week!
We can do it! We can do it! Can we do it?

Of course we can! Why should we? Because that will get Tegomass the attention they need to get more fans and much more airplay over here! As it is, they're not really being given a fair chance! (And of course, how well they do in Sweden ultimately affects whether Johnnys will try other international markets in the future.)

So here's how we give them that little extra push:

If you order from Swedish stores online, they count as Swedish sales - and as singles don't sell as well here anymore, Tegomass really has a great chance to climb HIGH if you BUY! ;)

My suggestion is that you get together and order, because it will be MUCH cheaper for you! Probably even cheaper than for many Swedish fans!

Especially if you live in Japan, please make the Japanese fans aware that the two tracks on the Swedish version are ONLY available on that specific single* and how incredibly CHEAP it is! Spread the word! (Some Japanese fans are very reluctant to buy from abroad, so maybe if you could arrange to buy for them, that would be great!)

*Also, those two extra tracks (that I hope no one will put up for download, for several reasons) are FANTASTIC and well worth MORE than what the single costs!

Things to note:

- If you order from outside the EU, VAT is deducted. That means each single costs only SEK22 or approximately $2.75 / ¥260.
- The shipping fee is set at SEK130 outside the Nordic region. That's approximately $17 / ¥1,500. You pay this only once per order.

So, if you were to order several singles from, say, Japan, they would come very cheap:

10 singles
SEK 220 + 130 = SEK 350 = $44
That's $4.4 per single or ¥510!

20 singles
SEK 440 + 130 = SEK 570 = $72
That's only $3.6 per single or ¥300!!

100 singles
SEK 2200 + 130 = SEK 2330 = $290
That's a mere $3 or ¥270!!!

NOTE: You will probably have to pay customs charges and local VAT when the singles enter your country! It's up to you to check what the rates are! Estimate about $1-2 extra for each single. But that may vary greatly depending on where you live. It's still dirt cheap though! ;)

This is where you buy:§ion=music

Please do NOT buy from HMV! I'm not sure where they're getting their singles from at this point, but we can't be sure it counts towards the Swedish sales figures - and, besides, they are ripping you off. Seriously.

You could even buy to later sell to fans who may have missed the single. You might even make some profit (like HMV is trying to). Which is perfectly fine, as long as it helps Tegomass climb NOW! ;)

Please use the comment section to get organized, if you want to! :)

We can do it! :D

ETA: 'Deadline' for this week is Wednesday July 15th (Thursday July 16th in Japan/China); for next week, July 22nd/23rd. That should hopefully ensure that the purchases count towards list placement on Friday 17th and 24th. Of course, the main goal right now should be the 15th. Short notice, yes, but the singles ARE very cheap, no? ;)

hontou is doing a group order for the USA. "$8 per single including shipping (from Sweden to me and from me to you) and Paypal fees. PAYPAL ONLY, USA ONLY." See below for more info:

stahsee is buying for Singapore, here:
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