Andy Kayen (kayen) wrote in news_jpop,
Andy Kayen

[notice] Ordering TM through HMV - probably a bad idea

Having checked this out as much as I can right now, I feel I should issue a warning, but I'll start with a question.

Has anyone received a copy of Tanabata Matsuri, the Swedish edition, ordered through HMV?

If not, you should be aware that Japanese sellers are not allowed to import the Swedish edition! That has been a very clear instruction from JE from the start and while they may have changed their policy, it is VERY unlikely.

This means that HMV have probably decided to list the single due to requests without checking if they are actually able to import it. Unless they find a way around the restriction, it is quite likely that those of you who have ordered through that site will eventually get a 'Sorry, the item is not available' reply. This means you would probably have to wait until the second printing at which time you would have to order from a Swedish site instead.

And of course, singles bought through HMV (if they are indeed available) don't count towards the Swedish list placement. Unless, of course, HMV buys directly from Bengans or Megastore, which isn't unlikely under the circumstances.

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