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[inquiry] Interest in buying the Swedish single?

NOTE: This is all a suggestion for now. This entry is meant to check how many would be interested. That is, if there's any point in arranging it.

There's a preview of the single (which, in case you've missed it, contains two tracks not released in Japan) here:

Some of you don't seem to realize why buying THIS particular single is so important. It's simple, really. We have to show JE that international fans are just as willing to invest in their passion for Johnnies as the Japanese fans. This is a unique single in that it was made especially for Swedish/international fans - not just with a translated version of a song released in Japan but with TWO tracks only available on this single! If we're not even willing to pay for this incredibly cheap single, compared to what JE charges in Japan, then why shouldn't J&A draw the conclusion that the world outside Asia will never be profitable for them?

Also remember that BOTH Swedish singles were used to promote Tegomass in Japan. It's a gimmick. It's not the start of J&A expansion into non-Asian markets, unless we make them realize that they could actually profit from an occasional concert and release in Europe and maybe even the US.

And in case you're thinking "Well, I don't care if they go to Sweden. I want them to come to [insert country here]!", think again. They come to Sweden because JE has very close ties to Sweden. There is no reason for them to suddenly spend a lot of time and money on making something happen in some other country where they don't already have a base. (Unless, of course, you could make them see that it might be profitable.)

ETA: TO CLARIFY: It is not the sales in themselves that could help make J&A look to the West! The sales could only help the single sell well enough for Swedish radio/media to take notice and TRY to play the song / write about it. That way, the single might start to sell for real (in larger quantities to non-fan buyers) and THAT is the only thing that could convince Johnnys that the international market is viable. And yes, it's a MAJOR long shot. But, possibly, worth a try.


Since many of you have cited a lack of money (for shipping, mainly) as a reason why you won't buy the Swedish Tanabata Matsuri single, please consider this:

You could buy the single through me* for 55 SEK ($7, ¥660) including worldwide shipping. The singles would be mailed in padded letters (the ones with bubbles... what are they called?). (Single + letter + postage = 25 + 4 + 26 = 55 SEK)

However, if you're fine with just having the ripped/scanned version and feel you can't/won't pay for postage, you could still support Tegomass by buying the single for 25 SEK ($3) and having me 'store' it for you. Goodness knows I don't need a pile of singles, but you would be helping Tegomass sell well. See it as making a donation to a good cause? ;)

ETA: I in NO WAY endorse the spreading of the ripped version of this single. However, for those of you who already have it - here's a chance for you to make it quasi-legal. And if you decide you want the single anyway later, you can just pay for postage and off it goes.

You could of course also buy more singles, if you want to support this little international venture of JE even more:

Two singles would be 80 SEK (50 + 3 + 26 + 1). Eight singles would be 270 SEK (200 + 3 + 67).

Can those of you who would be interested pay through PayPal? What other payment options would you suggest?

If you need to pay with concealed cash, the price for one single would be ¥1000, HK$60, €10, or US$10. No coins!

Would you be interested in buying the Swedish edition?

I would buy one, and pay for shipping.
I would buy one, but I don't need the physical single.
I would buy two! To support Tegomass!
I would buy more than two, for me and my friends!

*While I would take (most of) the orders, Marita L would help with the buying/mailing and concealed cash option. So you would send cash to her, if cash is what you prefer.

Once again, this is only a SUGGESTION at this point. Please answer the poll or comment below if you're interested. I will post a separate entry if I decide to go ahead with this.
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