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Highlights of TegoMasu concert in Yoyogi (2nd show, 05 Aug)

Based on my memory, might not be accurate...

- Indeed very different from usual NEWS's concert. Band as background, and only 3 sets of clothes!

- At the opening, Masuda introduced himself as ikemen XDDD

- Whenever Masuda was preparing, he will get Tegoshi to talk, and when Tegoshi wants to prepare, Tegoshi will ask Masuda to talk... but the "talking" one will be like "..." dont know what to talk XDDD

- Speaking about TegoMasu concert and being near the fans, Masuda said that during NEWS concert, he will always feel that fans are looking at Yamapi (only?)... but now at TegoMasu concert, the percentage of fans looking at him when he goes near is 100% XDDD

- Before the accoustic performance ([kushami], [sayonara boku no machi]), Masuda was like hesitating whether to sit... I think fans were hesitating whether to sit also? When Masuda decided to sit, he said something like this to the fans, "Ok I shall sit... you all (the fans) shall sit "in your heart", so in anyway, (you fans) just stand" XDDD

- When Masuda was sitting, Tegoshi was saying things like saying "bear~" (sound effects when Masuda sit?) when Masuda is sitting... because Masuda looks like bear? so Tegoshi said, later during MC, the fans shall say "bear~" too when sitting

- So when it finally came to MC, Tegoshi told the fans that they can sit down... and the fans said "bear~" TegoMasu was like "???", and then "oh!!!" and recalled what they mentioned at the accoustic performance XDDD so Tegoshi said to do it again and the fans stood up again, and he was like repeating, "Ok, now we come to the MC time... (so fake XDDD) everybody please sit down" and the fans went "bear~~~" Tegoshi commented that it sounds too cute XDDD and he requested everybody to go low in tone... so everybody did it again... and this time really very very low tone XDDD and TegoMasu burst out laughing... Tegoshi said that "Everybody's low tone very good!" and still went laughing and asked himself and Masuda, "what on earth are we doing in Yoyogi???" XDDD

- During MC, Masuda mentioned that Johnny-san went to see their concert the day before. At the backstage, Johnny-san was like asking/confirming with Tegoshi (Masuda was imitating Johnny-san XDDD) that Tegoshi had been in the Yoyogi kokuritsu stadium during V6 concert (during audition?)... Masuda was at the backstage too, so Masuda was like "I was there that time too!!!" feeling a sense of getting ignored XDDD

- During a performanceof [sunadokei] (not sure when), Johnny-san kept complimenting Tegoshi's singing is very good, Tegoshi is saikou! Masuda was like thinking, "I sing the song too! The song is TegoMasu's... I am in charge of half the song!!!" though Masuda said it to Johnny-san, Johnny-san still said Tegoshi is very good... and therefore it turned out that Tegoshi went solo for [sunadokei] on Music Station XDDD They mentioned something about hadaka (nakedness)... hmm not sure about it... they said [sunadokei] is hard to relate to hadaka... but I think it was Tegoshi who said, "well, it keeps getting lesser~" (= =;)

- TegoMasu mentioned that Shige and Koyama went to their concert in Osaka. Masuda was trying to ask Shige to come to the first show in Osaka... but Shige kept saying he cannot make it... in the end, KoyaShige still turned up XDDD and TegoMasu was talking bad about Shige during the Osaka MC, and Shige went up the stage, like some old uncle, "OEI~" at them XDDD

- Masuda was like "Shige is same age as me?".... "How old is Shige huh?" Tegoshi, "35 years old right?" Masuda, "Eh no... I think 33 years old..." Both of them kept talking bad about Shige... Tegoshi mentioned that during concert tour, he will be like very high with Koyama (though the eldest). but Shige will be like slacking (or taking nap?) on the sofa... and then will always give a very old man's reaction when asking to get ready to get on stage (imitated by Tegoshi XDDD) seems like TegoMasu's MC becomes a time for TegoMasu to talk bad about Shige XDDD

- Masuda said, "I think no one came to our concert, looking forward that our MC will be interesting" XDDD and TegoMasu mentioned about how bad NEWS is at MC... and that they think fans who came to NEWS's concert, will degrade their expectation for the MC compared to other Johnnys concerts XDDD They also mentioned that NEWS sometimes doesnt even talk for a while during MC XDDD again, there was a pause, and Masuda suddenly said, "well, if there is love, there's no need to do anything..." and Tegoshi was like "....." while the fans went "woah!!!" XDDD Tegoshi said seldom have a chance to talk like this with Masuda only... and Masuda said, during NEWS concert MC, Tegoshi will only say 3 words, "aishiteru", "moriagatteru? (getting high in tension?)", and "un (yeah)" XDDD

- Tegoshi said he received Koyama's mail the day before. Masuda asked what is it about, and Tegoshi said that Koyama told him to ganbatte during the yoyogi shows... Masuda said sadly, "I didn't receive Koyama's mail...", again feeling a sense of getting ignored (^^;) but then he become positive again saying, "well, maybe later when I go back to backstage, I will receive mails from Yamashita-kun and Nishikido-kun... and maybe Shige and Koyama..." XDDD

- TegoMasu also talked about Nakamaru-kun who came to the concert... yesterday? forgot... and I think Nakamaru went to the dentist before he went to the concert... (^^;) when they talked enough about Nakamaru and should came to the end, Masuda still went, "Nakamaru-kun..." followed by a long pause (^^;) and nothing much XDDD

- They brought out a box, with questions by the staff. They said this came handy for their MC when they have nothing to say XDDD The first question was asking "Until when did you enter the bath with your mother?" everybody burst out laughing... Tegoshi was very troubled, and tried to recall... and he decided that it was until when he was in junior grade 1... then Tegoshi was like, "You all want to know about this so much???" Masuda said, "Frankly speaking, I'm not interested to know about it" XDDD

- The second question, "Have you tried Hoppie?" Tegoshi was like "What is Hoppie???" and the fans went "huh??? how come you don't know?" actually I also don't know... and it turned out to be some Japanese sake with beer... and Tegoshi said no... and Masuda immediately said go to next question, implying that the question a bit uninteresting XDDD

- The last question was, "the type of girl you like?" and Masuda was like, "You all (fans) must be waiting for this right!" XDDD Masuda said he likes girls with nice smile, and girls who likes gyoza (= =;) and Masuda started to drag away from the topic, mentioning that he always receiving gyoza from staff... (= =;) Tegoshi was like "we are on the topic on girls right?" and Tegoshi also commented that Masuda's type is too normal... Masuda also mentioned that he likes girls who tied hair into a bun on the head... the way he tried to describe it was too weird... (= =;) Tegoshi said he will be "scared" if girls are very foul in their words, such as "teme..." XDDD He said he prefers girls with nice usage of words... and Masuda said, "like [kashikomarimashita]?" that is too fake lah!!! (>_<)

- Tegoshi mentioned that during the 24 HR TV, he is not supposed to sleep (I think)... Masuda mentioned that he cannot go without sleep for 24 hours... and even at least 2 hours of sleep will make a difference... if he should go without sleep for 24 hours, he will sleep for 24 hours XDDD

- Masuda mentioned that he will be on Nagase's drama this Sat, and that he will be in swimming trunks. Tegoshi mentioned that he will be in [dream boys]... Masuda commented that Tegoshi has the [dream boy] feel... and that it will be weird if Masuda is in [dream boy], since there is no such feel... and Tegoshi commented that Masuda is [water boy]... (^^;)

- After the [fantasy boy] (I forgot the title (@_@)), both of them were very tired, such that Masuda dropped on the stage, saying he wants a break... both of them ended up taking quite a long break on the stage, and Tegoshi emphasised that "This is not MC time" XDDD and suddenly Masuda suggested, "Say something funny~" Tegoshi was like "huh???" Tegoshi mentioned about his encounter with a fan. Tegoshi acting as the fan, and Masuda acting as Tegoshi. The fan walked in front of Tegoshi and said "Tegoshi-kun? Can I shake your hands?" and of course Tegoshi shook her hand... after that the fan said, "But then, I like Nishikido even more!" Tegoshi was thinking, "There's no need to say that!!!" Masuda also mentioned his encounter... this time Masuda acting as the fan, and Tegoshi as Masuda. The fan was like at Masuda's back "ah! ah! Massu", and when the fan rushed in front of Masuda, the fan said, "Ah!!! Wrong person!!!" and backed off XDDD Masuda said he really felt like telling that person that he is really Masuda XDDD And one more encounter of Masuda with a guy (fan? uncle?)... the guy suddenly approached to Masuda, and wrapped one of his arms around Masuda's shoulder, saying "Tegoshi-kun, ganbatte ne!" Masuda was like, "I'm not Tegoshi!!!" in his mind XDDD its like people might know TegoMasu but not sure who is who and thus might not be watching them... and they said that, they would be grateful if fan can say things like "I am always watching you on TV" something like this... Masuda then said, what if the fan said ,"I will support you without end" something like this, Tegoshi went "......" and Masuda got his answer XDDD

- I like the mobile phone part... where they showed 2 mobile phone (anime), with Tego's text at a side, and Masuda's text at the other side... that was during when they went to the backstage for a change of clothes... Masu's text: "Eh I can't hear any sound (from the fans)", and this is when the text from Tego, requested the fans to shout things like, "Tegoshi, aichiteru (aishiteru)!", "Takahisa, aichiteru!"... and Masu's text went, "Then everybody, say "GYOZA!" (= =;)... and of course the fans did just that, and the next one, "sui-gyoza" (= =;)
They have this horses (yellow for Masuda, pink for Tegoshi) as carts for them to move around... it was an idea by Masuda.... after a song when they should get off the horse, Masuda still kept "playing" with the horse, saying "Thank you" to the horse.. and Tegoshi was like, "Massu, we are still holding concert yo" 

- During the second encore, Tegoshi demanded everybody to shout [Tegomasu, daijyuki (daisuki)!], so that they will sing the next song XDDD

- Absolutely loves the [kiss~] performance with the fans!

- Tegoshi said that even if one met with unhappiness, there is always still someone around, be it, friends or family. And he hopes that during such a time, everybody can recall now (the concert) and regain smiles.
- Second encore is [zutto], and Tegoshi said this song reflects their feelings towards the fans now XDDD

- Most of the goods went out of stock (= =;)

Will update if I recall anything interesting (^^;)
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