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Wink up Q10 October 2007

Here is the next translation of the Wink Up News Q10 section ^^ This time the theme is - Autumn and sports day!!! Read and enjoy their hilarious answers XD

Wink up October 2007

There are still hot days, but let's get to feel the autumn in advance!

Question 1 - During sports day, which competition is the most exciting?
Yamapi: The relay race. I was the anchor in 6th grade.
Koyama: The relay race. Because I run fast.
Ryo: Group gymnastics.
Shige: Cavalry battle.
Massu: The relay race. I was the anchor.
Tegoshi: The relay race.

Question 2 - What colour was your gym uniform?
Yamapi: White and purple.
Koyama: White with a name tag on the left shoulder.
Ryo: The upper part was white, the down was purple.
Shige: White with the name in the middle.
Massu: The upper part was white, the down - deep blue.
Tegoshi: White.

Question 3 - Among NEWS, if you're doing a three-legs-race, who would you pair up with?
Yamapi: Shige. ("Ah, my bad! I said Koyama!" said Shige, who wasn't expecting such an answer from Yamapi.)
Koyama: Massu.
Ryo: Pi.
Shige: Koyama.
Massu: Tegoshi.
Tegoshi: Yamashita-kun.

Question 4 - Honestly said, did you stand out during sports day?
Yamapi: Well, so-so.
Koyama: I did, after all~
Ryo: No!!!
Shige: Hm, not really.
Massu: I didn't exactly stand out, but I was the type who stands out *laughs* (AN: I honestly don't know XD)
Tegoshi: Of course!

Question 5 - In NEWS who seems to run the fastest?
Yamapi: Um...I don't really know...
Koyama: Tegoshi.
Ryo: Maybe it's Massu.
Shige: Massu, ne~
Massu: Me!
Tegoshi: Massu.

Question 6 - What kind of autumn is this autumn going to be like for you?
Yamapi: An autumn for reading...or at least I want it to be. (XD)
Koyama: "Enjoy!" autumn.
Ryo: An independent autumn.
Shige: An artistic autumn.
Massu: An autumn for food (that's every year though).
Tegoshi: Because I'm turning 20, an adult autumn.

Question 7 - How would you like to spend the evenings during autumn?
Yamapi: Watching movies and DVDs, looking at the moon...and so on.
Koyama: I would like to watch live DVDs.
Ryo: Momentary love.
Shige: With watching movies.
Massu: With reading...maybe.
Tegoshi: Playing soccer...I always do that anyway.

Question 8 - What are the disguisting things about autumn?
Yamapi: The hairy caterpillars! Just joking, it's the bell crickets.
Koyama: Dragon-flies.
Ryo: Mosquitos.
Shige: The bell crickets...the way they sing...
Massu: The suspicion.
Tegoshi: Since insects are a menance, I don't really like them.

Question 9 - When was the last time you had the most appetite for food?
Yamapi: When we were eating Gyuudon (rice covered with beef and vegetables), after an extra large portion I ate one more big portion!
Koyama: I ate 2 big portions of Gyuudon.
Ryo: I ate 2 big portions of rice, one portion fried chicken, one portion of crab balls, 1 portion of ramen and 3 portions of gyouza.
Shige: I ate a lot of takoyaki when we were in Osaka for the tour. You can see it on the Live DVD too.
Massu: Once in the locker room, I ate everyone's portion.
Tegoshi: Since I usually eat a little, there is none.

Question 10 - Please draw the watching of the moon.

Yamapi: Koyama:

Ryo: Shige:

Massu: Tegoshi:

Hope you like them this time!!! <3
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