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Final Update on the 8th Annual NorCal JE Fanmeet

Hi everyone! My real name is Casey, and I just called Do Re Mi Music Studio and reserved for 8 (that's the count I have). If it's wrong, please inform me.

So here are the finalized details:

Saturday, September 19th:

1pm - Meet in the plaza between the two main malls to grab lunch (we will decide as a group where to eat)

3:15 pm - This is the time I reserved for kareoke. If some of you do not want to eat lunch with us, meet us at this time. Here is the address:

1604 Post St
(between Buchanan St & Laguna St)
San Francisco, CA 94115

5 pm - approximate end time

Please bring money for lunch, any shopping you want to do, and kareoke. I do not know how much kareoke will be since it depends on how long we stay there and how many people show up. However, please be prepared (it's obviously not going to be like $50 a person, but bring a safe amount like $25 just in case...I hope it is not this amount) Please also bring SMALL BILLS as seeing we will be paying as a group for lunch and kareoke (like $5 and $10 amounts).

Also, please bring romanji lyrics for the songs you want to sing. I was informed that the machine shows the lyrics IN JAPANESE with no furigana for pronunciation. So if you can not read this level of Japanese, please bring romanji lyrics for yourself.

I will be waiting in the plaza area with an Arashi and Tegoshi uchiwa. I'll wait up to half an hour if some of you are late, but after that we may go ahead and just eat.

I also encourage you to bring your uchiwas and other paraphernalia so we can identify you as one of our fellow beloved JE fans.

Thank you and hope to see you all there! ^^
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