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Buzzer Beat Premiere / random pics of Japan (related to JE ^^)

Hi Minna!!!!

wow the last post I wrote was ages ago LOL
actually I didn't think I would ever post again, because you I can't catch the news before you all!! you're so rapid XDD (university and work don't help me either...-_-)

anyway, today I come with pictures of my trip to Japan, this year in July~~
it was the 3rd time there for me, but this time was REALLY special !!!
1) I had the chance to go to Kanjani8's concert in Osaka Kyocera Dome, and then I could see Yellow Ryo ^3^
2) I went to BUZZER BEAT premiere in Tokyo and saw Yamapi!!!!

if you want to see the pictures (it was forbidden to take pictures during the premiere, but I hid and took some ...I am such a bad girl.....ahaha ......HIMITSU DA YO NE!) and know how I managed to enter the theater where the premiere took place, please follow the link ^o^ (cut to my lj)


I also add ARASHI pics, Drama locations pics, JE Family Club pics, and random pics of my Japan trip ^^
(I'm sorry this was 2 months and a half ago.....>< so late!!!!)
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