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About Ryo in Summary 2004?

Hi,first of all sorry if this is wrong to post like that, mods please delete it if it was not on the right place.

Since over a year or so I've been wondering why I couldn't see Ryo in Summary 2004, and then I decided that maybe he was with Kanjani so that's way Ryo was not there.... but couple of days ago..... the awesome newsfan had release subbed SC - summer special with KATTUN entitled History from 2004 and I got really confused.
1. the NEWS part - where they promoted SUMMARY, was with 6 men only (no Ryo and no Uchi) ... so that's understandable at that time they were with Kanjani8 ... right?
..but 2. there were also Baru,Yoko and Hina promoting Kanjani8 concert "Summer storm"....and they say :"Nishikido and Uchi have been in "SUMMARY" recently. They've been away."....
so where are Ryo and Uchi at that time?
I'm really confused and since Ryo is my ichiban favorite from NEWS I was really dying to see him in SUMMARY but I failed..... so please if all this still sound sane, and you know where is Ryo during summary, please answer. Thanks in advance
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