Uwasa-ko (uwasako) wrote in news_jpop,

Tweets for Yamapi

Hello everyone,

Tonight, I and other Twitter users are going to try to make a trending topic for Yamapi in honor of his single Loveless' release.

The whole project is called Operation #Deadfisheyes, since we'll be using the #deadfisheyes hashtag in our tweets as a wink to the fandom. It's not meant to be offensive to Pi, we're just having fun; it'll be funny to see such a silly topic in the list. And if you tweet his name enough, "Yamapi" could end up in the trending topics as well.

All Yamapi related tweets are cool. Just be sure to include the #deadfisheyes hashtag.

This all happens tonight at 7pm PST. If you'd like to join in, please go HERE for all the details on how it'll work.

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