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YamaNade call for extras

For those lucky few that are in the area and can go......and for the rest of us to guess what scenes they'll have and with which characters.
Rough translation and key points
Sat Dec 5
7-9 (Ibaraki) want female of all ages to oogle at men taking baths (there won't be any perverted scenes)
11:30-1:30 (Chiba) want male and females that look like college students to act out campus life
1:30-4:00 (near Tokyo) no restrictions on age, all sexes, walking around
5:00-7:30 (Yokohama) again no restrictions, museum viewing
7:30-10:00 (Shinjuku) act as construction workers

any guesses to which scene corresponds to what in the manga? That first one...... if it's who i'm thinking of...... i think many people would not mind going xD

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