Shissou (shiss) wrote in news_jpop,

I've made a lot of beauty layouts...

NEWS in white+NEWS is my LIFE+Koi no ABO

NEWS in white:

NEWS is my LIFE:

Koi no ABO:

The codes are here in my LJ shiss

Original stylesheet from minty_peach headers by me shiss pics are from NEWS chile ABO.

Thank you so much for the coments of my icons the other day... I'm so sorry cuz I totally forgot that there's people on the other side of the earth ^^... So the next pack will be of Winter Icons, ne ^---^...

Please, don't steal the headers...

Chu!! :D

PS: OMG, I'm totally in love with the second onde... when I finished the header I was like: "Caray... esto es grandioso!! ^^"

PS2: (To news_jpop moderator) I'm so sorry ñ__ñ... I put the previews behind a lj-cut ^^... Much better, nee? :D

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