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Translation Popolo 02.2010

I translated the 110 questions of Popolo to NEWS :)

Q1. (To Keii-chan from Yamapi) How is the situation with your muscles?

-The situation is good. But because Yamapi is always training, it seems I can't overtake him.

Q2. (To Shige from Koyama) What kind of character has Koyama?

-Yes man. He agree quickly "Yes yes" (lol)

Q3. (To Massu from Shige) What are your aims for 2010?

-This is my year (Tiger year) so I'm gonna roar!

Q4. (To Ryo-chan from Massu) Let's go together to shopping!

-No no, I can't go! Because Masuda-kun get a~lways lost, it takes too much time!

Q5. (To Tego from Ryo) What about Winter?

- Snowboard. Every year I do it for sure.

Q6. (To Yamapi from Tego) How was the live?

-The best! They were 3 days really funny and moving!


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