☆♥★♡Diva♡★♥☆ (sweet_diva9) wrote in news_jpop,

JE fan meet up in Montréal!!

sarzamora  and I decided to do a meet up for every JE fan in Montréal!!

WHEN?: Saturday, February 27th 2010 at 1:30pm
WHERE?: "Place d'Armes" metro station's tourniquets, the one that leads to Chinatown.
WHAT?: Walk around Chinatown, talk, drink Bubble Tea, eat Pocky, Purikura... then go to Pang Pang Karaoke (Happy Hour! Price will be around 10$). After, if anyone wants to stay and talk a little bit more, we could go eat supper.

If interested and for more information please click HERE!

Hope a lot of fans will come!! Au plaisir de vous voir!! ^^!
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