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Hi, this is my first post to this communtiy. so.
I was watching a video on youtube and started reading these comments.
the whole entire page was full of this mainly.

'NEWS needs Pi, more than Pi needs NEWS!'
'Pi's 'im better than them' attitude pisses me off'
'Whats happening with NEWS nowadays?'
'I agree what's with his 'im better than them' attitude, and now with his solo concerts'

And i just wanted to know what everyone else thought abouti t. I mean, I dont think he's giving off that kind of atttitude.
what about everyone else?

p.s. they were saying this also about Jin, I'm not much of a KAT-TUN fan so i have no idea.



Credit to hope_rei 

ok so loads of ocmments are about how Pi treasures his friends.
I dont think these friends in this nikki are exactly NEWS but it just comes to show he does treasure his firends a lot


Today, been filming too!

Yesterday around 9 guys
Went to eat grill/bbq meat together !
ate alot!

with many friends, ate alot

Very happy!

So happy like all the stress had disappeared!

In this life, being able to
meet these important good friends is really great
Sometimes, I will think!

In front of all these people who are important
Being straight and forward in expressing oneself is really important
Recently, this kind of feeling is strong!

If you care too much about how the other think
and forcing yehself
will not be yeh true self!

At that time, what you really feel
what you really think

things you want to do, don't want to do
Properly tell your opinion to others is really important.
I feel that it will be wonderful!
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