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April 2010 Wink Up Tabemasu

Hello and I am back with April’s Tabemasu which is featuring the adorable buta-san cookies! :D Sorry I took so long, I had been busy and the kanji weren’t exactly being kind to me. But here’s a small massu cuteness to share! :D

This month’s menu: buta-san cookies that massu had drawn!
(aren’t they cute, OMG! They make me crave for cookies so much!)

Do you have any recollections of this buta-san? It's the buta-san that massu had drawn in NEWS Question 10 in 2009’s August issue! When we tried to make this cute illustration into cookies, as expected, the cookies came out to be cute! In any case, please have fun reading these speech bubble pictures of massu and the buta-san he had thought of!

“Such cute cookies would have resistance to being bitten, yes?” said massu timidly as he attempts to nibble on the buta-san.

Massu who is deeply moved and excited by the many neatly arranged buta-san cookies.
[Who drew this illustration? Isn’t it super cute?], comments of such quality were made by massu himself.
(heh, I couldn't make out some of the kanji here so I inferred the meaning, sorry!)

FUKIDASHI (Speech bubble)
Massu: This cookie is going to be on sale.
(Right) buta: That ought not to be!
(Left) buta: Yes! Stop saying! (to massu)
[*of course it will not be on sale, please understand!]

This has been the buta-san that has been nibbled by massu.

Aren't Massu and his buta-san cookies the cutest ever? :D
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