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[Wallpapers] Happy Birthday, Kei-chan~

It maybe a day late after my entry is approved but better late than never, ne ^^ ? I was gonna wait until i finished Shige's one as well but Kei-chan is coming near so here they are~

Kei-Chan, Happy Birthday <3


Version 1:

Version 2:

(Get 'em here)

Also, i'm looking for the subbed version of Tegoshi in VS Arashi but there's been no luck at all ;___;.
I know NEWS Express subbed this episode before but it seems like the file was deleted or put in Friends only mode. I've requested to friend them as well but it seems like they stopped adding friends ;__;.

And since they said that they're OK with sharing their subbed files as long as we fully credit them, i'm wondering if anyone can help me with this >"<.

Please and thankyou very much >"<.
Tags: fanwork: wallpapers

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