Ivonne (ivonnemcgruder) wrote in news_jpop,

K-chan NEWS subbing team searches for subbers

Hello girls,

It´s been 2 years since the subbing project started and some translators came and left, as expected once the subber gets to the point of leaving too. Personal issues make me go. And I just wish people understood that I am not feeling happy about it. After all, it´s been part of my life 2 years and the reason is far from stopping loving the group or K-chan.

So! For the first time we have enough translators, but we are in need of one or two subbers! Requirements are easy, are you able to sub and keep the general torso of the releases? Banner + background pics + credits at the end? From my side no demands of weekly or monthly or whatever releasing periods, that would be matter of the agreement between you and translators. If you have experience with subbing, even a smallest one.

NEWS still needs love, more then ever before now. And I would really be happy if this project was able to continue to remind all the fans (even those armies of supporters of solo projects) that NEWS are group, and K-chan NEWS is a radio that was with them almost since their debut.

Ivonne ~

find the releases on je_ontheair  or kcn_archive 
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