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[mod] new tags, community poll & layout contest!

This post is waaaay late in coming, and for that, I sincerely apologize! /bows

Anyways, onto business! I fear this has gotten really long again, but it's got a lot of important stuff so it's definitely worth reading. :D

1. New (quasi-)rule!

    ♪ Please keep the text in your post to default size, font and colour! Personally, I'm okay with a few hints here and there for emphasis etc., but don't go around making your posts like size 7 orange comic sans. That just ain't cool.

This won't be in the rules posts until later, but please keep this is mind!

2. Possibly the most important part of this post, the new tag list (in no particular order other than semi-alphabetical):

!mod post
&sales post
&request post
&birthday post
*member: yamashita tomohisa
*member: nishikido ryo
*member: kato shigeaki
*member: koyama keiichiro
*member: masuda takahisa
*member: tegoshi yuya
*member (former): uchi hiroki
*member (former): kusano hironori
*subgroup: tegomass
advertisement: community
advertisement: other
advertisement: fanmeet
advertisement: roleplay
concerts: fan report
concerts: goods
concerts: fan cam
concerts: fan audio
fanwork: icons
fanwork: wallpapers
fanwork: headers
fanwork: banners
fanwork: gifs
fanwork: fanvids
fanwork: fanart
fanwork: handmade
fanwork: cover
fanwork: other
fanwork: ringtones
fanwork: cell themes
fanwork: macros
language: spanish
language: french
language: german
lyrics: kanji
lyrics: romaji
lyrics: translated
lyrics: sheet music
music: radio rip
music: preview
music: singles
music: albums
music: live rips
music: other
news: news & info
news: discussion
news: releases
news: rankings & sales
news: concerts
news: dramas
news: voting
news: cms
news: rumours
other: pic spams
other: questions
other: sales
other: petitions
other: other
radio: master hits
radio: k-chan news
radio: other
scans: magazine (duet)
scans: magazine (popolo)
scans: magazine (myojo)
scans: magazine (seventeen)
scans: magazine (potato)
scans: magazine (wink-up)
scans: magazine (tv pia)
scans: magazine (songs)
scans: magazine (the television)
scans: magazine (other)
scans: pamphlets
scans: albums
scans: you & J
scans: photobooks
scans: shop photos
scans: paparazzi photos
scans: screencaps
scans: other
translations: 0409
translations: aoi hitorigoto
translations: nikki
translations: magazine interviews
translations: zopp-san
translations: scanslations
translations: radio show
translations: other
video: pv (raw)
video: pv (subbed)
video: concert (raw)
video: concert (subbed)
video: music shows (raw)
video: music shows (subbed)
video: shounen club (raw)
video: shounen club (subbed)
video: drama (raw)
video: drama (subbed)
video: other (raw)
video: other (subbed)
video: tv show (raw)
video: tv show (subbed)
video: cm (raw)
video: cm (subbed)
video: performance (raw)
video: performance (subbed)

I had no outside opinion while drafting this, so please let me know if there are any glaring problems! As well, for categories such as the scans:, translations:, and videos: tag, please let me know what else needs to be added, because I'm sure I haven't even nearly gone past the tip of the iceberg! I can also add tags for each drama, or even each single/album etc. as I get to them if that's what's wanted. :D But if this is mostly okay with you guys, then I can start integrating this in with our current system and begin retagging! (I'll make another post when that ~officially begins.)

I'll be on a flight to China in less than ten hours, so unfortunately I can't respond to anything for the next little while, but rest assured I'll take all your comments into account as soon as possible! Plane got delayed by 6 hours, so I'll be replying to some comments!

3. There are a few things that I feel everyone should have a say in, so to make things easier on y'all I've just made a polls. :Db

Do you think we should ban posts leading to locked content?


Should there be a separate comm(s) for TegoMass / Yamapi solo work, etc.?


Should we insist that all graphics get posted at a separate comm?


Should we set the default security level to friends-only?


It should be straight-forward, but if you have any further comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to drop a comment as well!

4. And last, but certainly not least, I believe we are way way waaay overdue for a new layout? :D

    ♪ It must be coded using an S2 style.
    ♪ It must include the sidebar and links list.
    ♪ Any theme is fine (eg. Bloggish, Mixit, Flexible Squares etc.), but the themes that show the "Edit Tags" option right on the main page are preferred (eg. Bloggish and Mixit), as well as the option to view tags on the sidebar (a scrolling view is preferred).
    ♪ It must have news_jpop, or some variation of it, somewhere on it.
    ♪ It should be viewable in all resolutions without scrollbars.
    ♪ If you are using somebody else's stylesheet (eg. refutare), remember to give full credit, even if you edited it.
    ♪ It can show either the current 6 members or the original 8 members.
    ♪ A live preview of the layout is preferred, but you must include a screenshot image no matter what.

Once you are done, please email news.jpop@gmail.com with a screenshot and/or sample journal of your submission! I look forward to your entries :DD

The deadline is September 15th, 2010 @ 23.59 GMT!
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