Claire (blursakana) wrote in news_jpop,

NEWS trending project

This is my first post here and i'm not sure if this is relevant so if it's not, please feel free to delete!

So, as we all know, NEWS will be releasing their long-awaited album <LIVE> and it will be released on the 15th of SEPTEMBER.
Also, September is the month that our beloved boys were so-called "born" as NEWS! Isn't it a reason for us NEWS fans, to celebrate?! Them releasing an album is ALREADY something for us to celebrate isn't it~!^^

for all those who have Twitter(of if u don't then please make one!), please join in this trending project!
More info can be found here: TrendingJE

I know we've got MAAAANY NEWS fans around so, please do join in! Let's all have fun on that day ne!^^
P.S: if anyone of you have suggestions on what to trend (for eg, currently its #NEWSlive) please do suggest!

I hope many people will join in this ^^!

EDIT: Ano...Minna please look at the rules in TrendingJe under "rules of thumb" It'll help a lot in our NEWSpams!!^^
Let's hve a lot of fun NEWS-Spamming ne xD
Tags: advertisement: fan project

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