until my faithless heart goes to sleep. (minamoto) wrote in news_jpop,
until my faithless heart goes to sleep.

[mod] quick reminder!

A reminder that it is now September 1st and you have two weeks to get your layout contest submissions in! :DD We currently have uh, zero (sadface), so I'm hoping to see some more before the deadline! In case anyone forgot, your entries are due September 15th @ 23.59pm GMT to news.jpop@gmail.com! Further details can be found here. :D

And uh, sorry tagging's going so slowly! My laptop's busted (sneaking onto my bro's right now) and I'm out of the country on vacation, and have been since August 9th actually. I'll be back home tomorrow though, so hopefully things should go faster then! :D

T-this also means I'm putting off talking about those poll results until later as well. It's still open though, so if you haven't already, please vote!
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