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NEWS Poll ! :D

Mods: If this is not allowed, please feel free to remove it. I posted a comment on the general questions entry about polls and never got a response, so I assume this is fine. If it isn't, do as you will. I also didn't know how to tag it, so I hope this is okay.

Having said that, I wasn't going to do this initially - crosspost this poll into news_jpop . But sufficient time has passed and I'm itching to know who other NEWS fans would choose.

So. I present a NEWS Poll!

Poll #1626531 NEWS Ai

Which NEWS member would you literally take a bullet for and why?

I would like everyone to take this seriously. Think earnestly and honestly - which NEWS member would you end your life for?

I'm really interested in knowing your answers, and I'll let you all know mine as well (eventually). This post is remaining public here, as well as this extended Johnny's Poll here @ my LJ. Both are open to any and all who would like to participate.

Additionally, if the text box proves too small for your reason, you can comment here further explaining why you chose who you did. Former members of NEWS are also welcome as answers.

Have fun with it, everyone! ♥

**EDIT** I want to thank everyone who's participated so far (a day later and 69 participants!). Thanks to everyone who's taking this poll!

I've gotten some interesting answers, some exciting answers, some self-explanatory answers, and some very realistic answers.

I don't necessarily want you to think you'll die by taking this bullet. I just want you to consider that it could happen. So please don't question my sanity or flame this poll. Remember, there are very serious NEWS fans out there who would very gladly die for their boys. It's not a game, however likely you may consider it to be.

Click on the cut to see my answer.

Yamashita Tomohisa. This surprised even me. As an original Koyama fan, one who loves him and cares for him very much, I assumed he would be my answer. But as a NEWS fan of three years now, I cannot help but feel my love for Yamapi has grown, and though Koyama will always be my number one, I would take the bullet for Yamapi in a heartbeat and I know this is true. (Not that I wouldn't take the bullet for Keii-chan, or any other members of NEWS for that matter, but Yamapi is my first choice.)

This is because he's always himself. He does things his own way, taking risks, striving hard, even when he's overworked and feeling sad. He knows he's got the support of his fans, and he's grateful for them. Everything he does has a purpose, and he maintains his identity, even when striving for such things as being "the biggest in Japan." I know if he was in danger, I'd save him. He's become someone very close to my heart, and besides being a talented musician, he is a compassionate person whose every step has led him where he is, and whose steps will continue taking him forward. As long as he's doing what he wants to do from the bottom of his heart, he will continue to make his fans happy and put smiles on our faces, as he smiles and laughs with happiness.

Wow, that was a long ramble, but there's my answer! If you read it all, you deserve cookies. (I know, it's not much, especially for all those taking the time to answer the poll, but hey, cookies are good right? Unless you don't like chocolate or are allergic.. Well, it's a gesture!)

Once again, thanks everyone ! (Near 80 now! You wouldn't believe how happy this makes me. ♥) Your taking time out to answer is very, very much appreciated and each answer means a lot to me (even if it's a 'no' to taking the bullet). I promise to bring polls like this to news_jpop in future. :) ♥
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