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NEWS in Taiwan 2007 (Help regarding Jin tickets)

 Hey girls~

So I was wondering if anybody would know anything about J-tickets through the fanclub. As everyone knows, Jin had a concert in Japan and his tickets were sold through J-tickets. The opportunity came up, and one of my friends offered to ballot a J-ticket for me in Japan, for the LA concert here.

While stupidly going onto the American website and playing around with the buttons, I ended up accidently buying a ticket at S, standing seats.

So now I have 2 tickets....for me (1 person).

I remember in the past when NEWS went to Taiwan in 2007, there was a special fan meeting for those who were coming from Japan. Now, I had been hoping that the J-ticket for Jin's con would result in something "special" with a fan meeting, or something of that sort. Can anybody verify this?

Does anybody know what happened with other JE groups when they go out of Japan? Do they usually have a fan meeting? And is this in any way correlated to the J-ticket?

Lastly, if I were to sell my general admission ticket that I bought online, would anybody be interest in it? Prices would of course be negotiable (as I might need to get rid of it).

Thanks for your help in advance!

@ Mods: I am aware of the rules for ticket selling. I am not posting up a sale, but just asking for advice. Thanks for understanding!

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