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[mod post] layout contest results!

1. And the winner is...


For those interested, results can be found here (just scroll down to the poll). (:

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted for the lovely layouts and to everyone who voted! I have to leave very soon for a youth group, but hopefully when I get back I'll have the time to fiddle around and our new layout should be up soon after that! Be excited~ :D

2. Just a reminder: if a tag has a !, &, or ♔ next to it, please don't use it! The first two are to separate important posts easily and the last is to designate tags that shouldn't be used. The only exception to this is the !needs a tag tag. Allowed sales should all be tagged with the other: sales tag (all others should be in the appropriate monthly sales post) and requests should all be in the request masterpost. Any posts breaking these rules will be retagged and/or deleted as necessary!
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