eska1306 (eska1306) wrote in news_jpop,

Tegoshi Fanvideo - Kirei da (Fake Translation)

or: "How Tegoshi gets the girls" *lol*

Hello everyone!

I'd like to present my newest fanvideo that in fact is a fake translation of w-inds' song "Kirei da" (You are beautiful). It is sung from a girl's point of view.

As he said on Domoto Kyodai in 2008, Tegoshi goes to great lenghts to get the girl he likes, inviting her out to eat or play non-stop, so no one will steal her away from him. After watching the show, I imagined what it would be like for the girl in question to be the center of attention all of the sudden and how one would deal with such a demanding Tegoshi. *lol*

For more info, please ( follow me to my journal )

The video was created without any ill intentions (of course!), because... really... it is no secret that Tegoshi can be quite a handful. ^.~


Tags: fanwork: fanvid

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