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we can make it

Do you love Jpop? Do you write fanfiction in italian? Do you write about Jpop?
If you do, this community is for you!

we can make it is a community made for the italian fanwriters who write about Jpop's world.
The name comes from the title of a Arashi's song, but the founders have chosen it for the meaning. Possiamo farlo!
we can make?! We can write what comes to mind, we can make our dreams true only typing: we can make it may seem like just another Livejournal's writing community, but it will also be a place to expand our knowledge about the Japanese pop.
? Reading stories about groups who we didn't know maybe just out of curiosity: the curiosity produces interest, doesn't it?

Then... what about join us?
We're waiting for you~
we can make it

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